Designed for orthograde or retrograde accesses, we have developed 4 different kits offering specific solutions for the easy and precise placement of MTA.

Micro Apical Placing

The MAP System significantly improves the access to the cavity and other anatomically difficult regions to reach, thanks to the various geometries of needles. The precision of placement of the cylinder of compacted MTA loaded in the needle prevents the dispersion of the material in the root canal. The MAP System is the answer to your MTA placement challenges in most clinical indications.

The MAP System is an autoclavable and reusable surgical instrument. The single-use plastic plungers are also autoclavable, allowing a complete decontamination of the entire device.

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A tool at the service of precision

The MAP System is made of different needles adapted to the procedure, the size of the canals and the volume of materials required. The needles are available in 3 differnet sizes and are colour-coded: yellow = No. 0, red = No. 1, blue = No. 2. The shape of the needles is specific for each clinical indication. Classic curved needles are designed for precise endodontic procedures performed using the orthograde approach. NiTi Memory Shape needles can be bent to your specific needs. Triple-angle Surgery needles and Hooked needles are intended for retrograde endodontic procedures.

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The PDTM MTA White is an aggregate of mineral trioxide whose opacifier, calcium tungstate, avoids the risks of stains and discolouration sometimes encountered with bismuth oxide. The optimised particle size distribution of its fine hydrophilic powder contributes to a quick and easy mixing. Its short setting time, around 15 minutes, makes it possible to carry out the restoration almost immediately. Humidity does not affect its mechanical characteristics in any way. Its low solubility creates a good seal, and its excellent marginal sealing ability prevents the migration of fluids into the root canal. The alkaline character of cement gives it antibacterial properties, and its hydrophilic character promotes the neoformation of cement by creating a favourable environment for the healing of periodontal tissues. It also stimulates the formation of a dentinal barrier directly in contact with the pulp.

The excellent biocompatibility of PDTM MTA White with the dentine wall and pulp allows its use for orthograde and retrograde root fillings, to treat cervical root resorptions as a pulp capping material, as well as for the apexification and pulpotomy of immature teeth in children and adolescents.

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